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FACES FORTY FEET TALL is a two-act drama that runs eighty minutes with no intermission. There are four characters and one set.

Lucy and Stewart are an affluent Hollywood couple. When Valentina, a Hispanic woman, claims Lucy's father was married to two women at the same time, Lucy suddenly questions the reality she has forever known. Her father seemed as average as a man could be - dependable, reliable. How could he have been married to two women at the same time? The revelation traumatizes her. Possessing a streak of coldness, Stewart proves incapable of handling Lucy's emotions, and their twenty-year marriage begins to crumble.

FACES FORTY FEET TALL earned semi-finalist in the 2018 Garry Marshall Theatre's New Works Festival.

THE APARTMENT ON YUCCA is a two-act comedy that runs eighty minutes with no intermission. It has three characters and one set.

At Liberty Hall in Cincinnati with Michael Shooner directing, Donald Volpenhein as Dale, Jacob Schaub as Sol, Melissa Bennett as Elle, and Torie Pate Perdue reading Stage Directions

Dale Odegard makes money running 'You Too Can Break Into Show Business' workshops. Dale's son, Brian, is a Saturday Morning TV star. What most people don't realize is that Dale had nothing to do with his son's success. He walked out of Brian's life long ago.

After not seeing each other for ten years, Brian appears. He's upset about having his name used in the workshops. He also has a proposition. He's making a movie and wants Dale to direct. Too young to direct on his own, Brian seeks someone who will obey his every command, and figures his loser dad will do anything for a chance at success.

THE APARTMENT ON YUCCA earned semi-finalist in the 2019 New Comedies Festival at B Street Theatre in Sacramento. It also earned a Staged Reading in July 2019 at the LAB Theatre of Cincinnati.

THE BEGINNING OF SOMETHING is a ten-minute play with two actors and one set.

A young couple (corporate recruiter and stage actor) wrestle with compatibility. They are reality and fantasy, art and money; what made them think they could ever get along?

At Theatre Unlimited in North Hollywood with Caitlin Bidwell directing, Ben Solenberger as Jeff, and Caitlin Bidwell as Sarah

THE BEGINNING OF SOMETHING earned a staged reading in October 2019 by First Stage LA.

A TRANSLATION OF THE DREAM is a one-act drama that runs twenty minutes. It has three characters and one set.

Set inside a 1960 abstract expressionist art gallery, three characters personify looming cultural changes.

Milt, a CIA Agent, with no sympathy for art, is tasked with recruiting abstract expressionist paintings the government can use to champion America's freedoms. Shirley, the ex-wife of a cheating senator, tried to live up to the expectations placed on a mid-20th century American woman. She now struggles with an elusive identity, and wonders about her romantic involvement with Carter, an embittered self-absorbed painter. Milt and Shirley knew each other in High School. While she was a cheerleader, he was a nerd with a crush on her. So much is different now. Milt would love to re-live the past and see it work out in his favor this time. But Shirley knows her answers won't be found going backwards.

"... crackles with witty dialogue, the action remains on full-throttle, and lovers of thrills and spills in fiction will savor every page..."